Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit

Design for quick verification — Plug & Play Solution

Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit

Design for quick verification — Plug & Play Solution

Many AIoT devices rely on small non-rechargeable power supplies and cannot be used long-term. Furthermore, many existing solar energy harvesting devices are unable to meet the requirements of AIoT application.

As a developer of high-efficiency solar energy harvesters, to accelerate the speed of customized product development, we have come up with the Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit for PV energy harvesting. You can skip POC (Proof Of Concept) and get straight to EVT (Engineering Verification Testing).

With FLEXWAVE’s unique waveguide PV and specially developed MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) power manager we have formed a complete AIoT energy harvesting solution. This solution has also been awarded as 1 of 1,000 Efficient Solution Label issued by the Solar Impulse Foundation (a non-profit organization based in Switzerland). Now, through FLEXWAVE’s Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit, we are truly looking forward to supporting even more AIoT suppliers in solving power-insufficiency problems.


This is the lightest and the thinnest solar energy harvesting solution available. It addresses equipment design space limitation problems.

75% More Power

Capable of being self-powered, making the products usable long-term and battery-free.


The applicability and range of application is broader. Also, the timing of the development process can be reduced.

If the Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit is confirmed to meet your requirements, FLEXWAVE can assist with solar energy harvester design and production services. For additional related products, please refer here.

Micro Energy Harvester test kit

↓ Click the picture to see the device works under low light condition ↓