Arc-solar Box

Enclosure-Integrated Energy Harvester — Transform your IoTs into Iron Man

Arc-solar Box

Enclosure-Integrated Energy Harvester — Transform your IoTs into Iron Man

The Ideal Energy Harvesting Solution for AIoT

Arc-solar Box is an enclosure-integrated energy harvester designed for LPWAN/4G LTE IoTs. It has no angle limitations, allowing it to collect scattered light in a highly-efficient manner. On a sunny day, the solar energy we provide is greater than that provided by an AAA battery.

Like Iron Man’s power source, the Arc Reactor, FLEXWAVE’s Arc-solar is a solar energy harvester of IoT devices. It has a lifespan of 10 years, which provides companies with a battery-free and more economical solution.


By employing the well-designed max. power point tracking (MPPT)  power manager, >40% more photon energy can be transferred into electricity.

UV Resistant & Waterproof

Using durable PC materials and FLEXWAVE’s patented waveguide encapsulation, Arc-solar box is capable of protection against UV rays and is waterproof. It will not yellow after being at outside for an extended period.

10-year Lifespan

With a lifespan of up to ten years, Arc-solar box sustainably provides solar energy harvesting for uninterrupted data collection.


Due to the optimized design, Arc-solar box is available as a self-powered device via its rechargeable battery. No maintenance fees required.

Plug & Play

All accessories needed for solar energy harvesting are provided. Just Plug & Play!


Instant power(mW) 1,250
Daily power(a)(mWh)
Sunny day(b):5,000mWh (1,350mAh)
Cloudy day(b):450mWh
Reduce CO2 per year ~35.14kg / unit
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Arc-solar P

Instant power(mW) 3,050
Daily power(a)(mWh)
Sunny day(b):10,000mWh (2,900mAh)
Cloudy day(b):980mWh
Reduce CO2 per year ~84.36kg / unit
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Solar cell>22% Eff. mono-Si solar cell.
Module typeWaveguide Encapsulated PV Module
Box materialPC
CertificationIP67 / RoHS / CE-EMC / Thermal Cycling.
We offerBasic set:
(1) Waterproof box with Flexwave’s solar energy harvesting.
(2) Solar charge controller(c). (solar MPPT+battery charger)
(3) One 4 pin and one 6 pin wire harness.
(1) LPWAN system (Sigfox, Weightless, NBIoT etc.)
(2) Various environmental sensors, GPS, etc.
(3) Rechargeable battery.
(4) Bottom plate. (fixed components inside)

(a) Daily power was measured at Hsinchu, Taiwan for example.
(b) Sun intensity of a Sunny day is 1,000W/m2, a Cloudy day is around 100W/m2.
(c) The output voltage of the solar charge controller is 5.0V(Customized).
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