FLEXWAVE’s “PV Energy Harvesters for IoTs” Solution Earns Prestigious Efficient Solution License

FLEXWAVE’s “PV Energy Harvesters for IoTs” Solution Earns Prestigious 1500+ Efficient Solution License from Solar Impulse Foundation

FLEXWAVE is thrilled to announce that its “PV Energy Harvesters for IoTs” solution has once again been awarded the 1500+ Efficient Solution License by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

The solution can collect scattered light efficiently with no angle limitation. On a sunny day, the power gained is more than an AAA battery. The goal is to gain more power but use smaller sizes than others in order to make a difference. Just like Iron man’s power source Arc reactor, FLEXWAVE is powering IoT device.

Since receiving the Effective Solution Label in 2021, our launched high-efficient energy harvesters have cumulatively contributed to reducing electronic waste by over 21.6 million battery-wastes annually, which is equivalent to mitigating more than 2,300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year!

Continuing our commitment to developing even more efficient energy harvesting systems, we aspire to collaborate with more partners to construct a smart and sustainable future with net-zero visions.