Guide laser

Our PV modules are distinctive because they are flexible, adaptable (highly transparent or colorful), lightweight, and durable. For example, a standard module half the size of an A4 sheet of paper can fully charge an iPhone 6 with under 4 hours of sunshine. Unlike other flexible modules on the market, ours is truly environmentally friendly. We use an eco-friendly material as our waveguide, which can be decomposed into water, sand, and normal air at a temperature of more than 300-degrees Celsius.

Light bender
We collect light in an efficient way and transmit it in a designated direction, just like optical fiber (see picture below). That’s what makes our solar modules smart. And it’s how we overcome the problems of traditional solar modules, which are rigid, heavy, and single colored (dark blue).

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way
Flexwave’s modules can provide PV power in a user-friendly manner to a wide range of applications — electronic devices, wearables, clothing, interior spaces, as well as the exteriors of buildings. What’s more, we can also harvest indoor light to provide sustainable power to IoT sensors and beacons, replacing the use of disposal batteries and saving on manpower and maintenance. Simply put, where there is light, we turn it into power and make it available at a fixed spot or on-the-go.