The First Sigfox Word IoT EXPO in Prague

In Sept 2017, Sigfox organized their first annual IoT expo to bridge customers with Sigfox ecosystem. Hundreds of companies around the world had participated in this expo. Flexwave was one of these companies and the only one in the expo focusing on energy harvesting technology for LPWAN system. Flexwave showcased the sustainable smart gas sensing solution to monitor the gas usage of cylinders via Sigfox. It is a total solution including PV module, high efficiency charging PCBA, Sigfox-sensor system and user interface. The demonstration video is on the right side.

Flexwave’s solution is easy-to-use and maintenance-free with 10 years power lifetime. We are working with leading industrial partner now on this project.

During the expo, many companies indicated the power consumption is much higher than they expected when introducing Sigfox system. The battery lifetime had been an issue resulting in the increasing of the maintenance cost. Flexwave is providing the power solution that just in-time. Our outdoor solar can provide 10 years power for LPWAN in various locations that is easier to install and no angle limitation. Therefore, the big data can be collected without interruption in an easier and sustainable way.

The deployment of Sigfox signal station was increased rapidly in recent years, Taiwan was formally operating since Oct 2017, it is a new chapter for the LPWAN development.

Showcasing PV power ring with IoT on a gas cylinder at the first Sigfox word IoT EXPO.

(left)FLEXWAVE was very delightful to meet VP of Asian, Marc. , (right) Flexwave’s total solution on the sustainable smart gas sensor system.