Innovation of the High Efficient Energy Harvesting applied on IoT

FLEXWAVE is invited by ITRI to share the innovated application of the energy harvesting on IoT. (the second from the left)

As IoT application becomes more and more mature and rapidly grows in the market, one trillion sensor networks are expected to emerge within the next 10 years. With the current power source technology, there will be around 275 million IoT devices having the needs to change the batteries every day. In addition, these waste batteries have a very low recycling ratio, which is less than 30%, thus leading to a non-environmental-friendly cost during the operation and maintenance. This will become a big issue when developing the IoT industry.

Among all the energy harvesting ways, the Light Harvesting Technology is the most efficient so far.

Comparison of all the energy harvesting technologies.

The energy harvesting technology must equip with the energy storage equipment, such as batteries or supercapacitors. These technologies also have pros and cons. For the batteries, the energy storage capacity per unit is larger, low self-discharge rate and less pricey, but the recharge cycle life is short.  About the supercapacitors, suitable for the product which has less power consumption and can also be applied even under the poor environment. FLEXWAVE can tailor made the best embedded solar solution based on client’s requirement in order to make IoT devices to be energy self-sufficiency and save huge maintenance costs to avoid interrupting the data collection.

Comparison between the rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors.

The traditional solar product is black and bulky. FLEXWAVE innovates the invisible solar technology that makes a solar product to be transparent and flexible. Collecting a wide angle of incident light capability makes the product to generate electricity without facing the light.

FLEXWAVE’s innovated solar energy technology can integrate the solar power, IoT devices and transmission system all together, making the product more easy to install, more resilient (passed the UV aging test under a 10-years-life simulation) and more colorful (pictures are allowed inside the devices). FLEXWAVE provides all new solar design concepts.

In 2018 Q1, FLEXWAVE will be ready to launch its new solar power charging box, ARC. It’s expected lifetime is 10 years. The daily power generated by ARC is equal to an AAA battery, which means that it can help the user to save up to 33% on maintenance cost. The features of waterproof, UV resistant and easy setup are all the best power solution for outdoor LPWAN.

Note: FLEXWAVE offers the solar box with LPWAN system as well.

The solar power charging box, ARC. It’ll be launched in 2018 Q1.