micro energy harvesting

Many AIoT devices rely on small non-rechargeable power supplies and cannot be a long-term use. Furthermore, the existing solar energy harvesting devices couldn’t meet the requirements that limit the application of the AIoT.

As a developer of high-efficiency solar energy harvester, for accelerating the speed of customized product development, we innovated the solar energy harvesting of the Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit. Our customers can skip through POC(Proof Of Concept) and enter EVT(Engineering Verification Test) directly.

With Flexwave unique waveguide PV and specially developed MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) power manager would become a complete AIoT energy harvesting solution. This solution has also been awarded high-efficiency solution label which issued by Solar Impulse foundation(a non-profit organization based in Switzerland). Today, as the solar micro energy harvesting of Flexwave: Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit, we are truly looking forward to supporting more AIoT suppliers to solve the problem of insufficient power.


small & light

This is the lightest and the thinnest solar energy harvesting. Solve the problem of equipment design without space restriction.

Increase 75%

It could be achieve self-powered and make the products to be long-term use and battery free.

Indoor & Outdoor

The applicable and ranges of application can be wider. Also, shorten the process of developing time.


micro energy harvesting

PV Module

Size (LxWxH) 58x48x12 mm with 3D printed ABS case
Pmax / Voc / Isc* 330mW / 2.56V / 165mA

Embedded Power Manager

Charging voltage 4.2V with CC-CV battery charging rule
Output voltage w/ battery load = Voltage of battery (Vbat)
w/o battery load = 4.2V
Battery level control System output closed at Vbat = 2.8V, and restart at Vbat = 3.6V
Peak output current 220mA
Type of Connector Molex/jst 1.25mm pitch, Female


More information

Daily power** Sunny a:1,100mWh (3.7V / 297 mAh);Cloudy:105mWh (3.7V / 28mAh)

Indoor b (800lux):1.9mWh (3.7v / 0.5mAh) for 8hrs

Note * :The Pmax was measured under the standard test condition with 1,000W/m2 irradiation and AM1.5G.

**:The daily power was measured at Hsinchu, Taiwan, the data will be different under various condition.

a:The sun intensity of a Sunny day is 1,000W/m2, a cloudy day is around 100W/m2

b:The power intensity of 800lux artificial lamp is about 1W/m2

Micro Energy Harvesting

If you confirm Micro Energy Harvester Test Kit meet your requirement, Flexwave can assist with solar energy harvester design and production service.

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