Solar Backpack

Mobile power just got more agile

Solar backpack

Using Flexwave’s large-area module, a solar backpack becomes an electricity-generating power bank. This power module is unique in that it can be configured in different colors to match the design of the backpack. Gone are the days of the traditional dark blue solar cells. What’s more, pictures and logos can also be added on the module based on the needs of the customer.

Solar Billboards

Billboards that reduce the bill

Solar billboard1

Solar billboards can harvest sunlight to light up advertising LED displays. The energy stored during the day can be recycled by the solar module. Unplug from power cables, and enjoy the benefits of stand-alone billboards while reducing your electricity bill.

Solar Patch

Come together, as many as you need

Soalr Patch

Build your power bank with as many solar patches as you need. Our solar patches can be seamlessly connected to feed power to security cameras, doorbells, mobile phones … all the devices that you need in your everyday life.