Light infinity

Flexwave was established in 2014. We provide flexible waveguide photovoltaic technology to integrated all devices of AIoT to be an energy harvester, expecting to reduce CO2 emissions and  stop climate change being worse.

Why Us

More 75% power

Brilliant light capture technology and smart power control system provide spectacular power.

Devices Integrated

The integrated design and Flexwave's superior waveguide packaging technology can resist the worse weather.

Smart & Easy

Smart power system integration, simple installation and easy maintenance for your energy harvester.

What We Want

Solar Energy Harvester

Make each device can harvest 

Solar Energy Harvester

For 1 billion energy harvesters,
we can save
5M kWh everyday.

Solar Energy Harvester

Year reduce 133k Tons CO2, which is equal to 11.14 million trees.