energy harvesting

AIoT energy harvesting solution

The solar box, Arc-solar, is an energy harvesting device for LPWAN/4G(Gateway) IoT with no angle limitation that we can collect scattered light very efficiently. In a sunny day, the solar energy we provide is more than an AAA battery. 

Just like Iron man’s power source Arc reactor, Flexwave’s Arc-solar is a solar energy harvester of IoT devices. The lifetime is 10 years so that let battery free and help companies be more economical.


High performance

with the specialized developing solar power management system, there is more 40% energy harvesting into the battery.

UV protection & Waterproof

Using durable PC materials and Flexwave's patented waveguide packaging technology, our Arc-solar box is capital of protection against uv rays and waterproof. It's not yellowing after being at outside for a long time.

10 years lifetime

Lifetime is up to ten years. Our Arc-solar box sustainably provides solar energy harvesting to collect data without interrupted.

Battery free

Because of the excellent solar charge controller, our arc-solar box is available of self-powered with rechargeable battery. No maintenance should be paid.

Plug & play

Providing all accessories needed for solar energy harvesting. You just plug & play.



energy harvesting
Instant power(mW) 1,250
Daily power(a)(mWh)
Sunny day(b)l:5,000mWh (1,350mAh)
Cloudy day(b):450mWh
Reduce CO2 per year ~35.14kg / unit
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Arc-solar P

energy harvesting
Instant power(mW) 3,050
Daily power(a)(mWh)
Sunny day(b)l:10,000mWh (2,900mAh)
Cloudy day(b):980mWh
Reduce CO2 per year ~84.36kg / unit
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Power method Powered by Flexwave's energy harvesting with rechargeable batteries for 10 years use.
Solar cell >20% Eff. silicon solar cell.
Module type Flexwave's waveguide high power solar module.
Box material PC(weather resist)
Certification IP67 / RoHSCE-EMC / Thermal Cycling.
We offer Basic set:
(1) Waterproof box with Flexwave's solar energy harvesting.
(2) Solar charge controller(c). (solar MPPT+battery charger)
(3) One 4 pin and one 6 pin wire harness.

(1) LPWAN system (Sigfox, Weightless, NBIoT etc.)
(2) Various environmental sensors, GPS, etc.
(3) Rechargeable battery.
(4) Bottom plate. (fixed components inside)

(a) Daily power was measured at Hsinchu, Taiwan for example.
(b) Sun intensity of a Sunny day is 1,000W/m2, a Cloudy day is around 100W/m2.
(c) The output voltage of the solar charge controller is 5.0V(Customized).

Arc-solar P Backside

Two types you can chose for installation. The detail spec is such as below.

energy harvesting
energy harvesting


Wildfire detector

Oil/Gas sensor

Smart Agriculture

Industrial AIoT

If you want to make sure whether Arc-solar box can meet your need, please fill out the form in the follows. We will contact you as soon as possible.

ex: 2 weeks, 3 months,...etc.
The unit is mAh.
The unit is V.
The unit is V. tell us what kind of device you have and what voltage is. ex: 5V for a temperature sensor, 4.2V for LoRa...etc.
The unit is mWh. tell us what the daily power consumption of each device is. ex: "100mWh for a temperature sensor, 200mWh for LoRa." OR "All are 800mWh."
ex: Outdoor open area, under the roof(outdoor), in the forest,...etc.